SEM — Eager Young Partner to Reluctant Old Advertising

One is shiny and new and all the kids love it. One is shiny and old and all the kids hate it. Yet they both make kids and their parents buy stuff and feel certain ways about certain brands.

Seach Insider posted a great article about the dynamic between SEM and advertising. Much like the direct marketing execs, event experts and promotion pros, today’s all-new SEM whizzes are typically shunned by the Madison Avenue elite. You know you’ve made it in the marketing world when the big old bully starts picking on you, right? Actually, what it means is after a good, long look you’ve made it to their radar — you’re another effective, metric-centric tactic that threatens to chip away at the client’s ad budget.

Yes indeed, SEM has a good story to tell right now — although, many marketers remain caught up in the traditional, tried-and-true (and tired) ways of marketing to charge ahead and utilize the various SEM tactics to their advantage. As a marketer, you owe it to yourself to figure out, right now, where SEM can help your brand or company. Is it tapping into all-new prospects via paid search? Is it catching up with a competitor’s site in organic rankings? Can SEM support a new product, a creative campaign theme or URL, or new website? Are your best search prospects on Google or Yahoo? Or another search engine you haven’t tested? Are your competitors beating you to the punch on SEM?

Don’t put it off — smarten up on at least the basics of SEM right now. Start at Search Insider and go from there.


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