Blogs as a Marketing Tool, Part 2

Not too long ago, I pointed out the obvious that if you’re a marketer, you’re considering how to charge ahead and use a blog.

As a follow-up to that, in addition to taking a good, long look at the post from Mario Sundar on corporate blogging, take a look at this great post from Chris Brogan on blogging.

We’re getting farther into a marketing reality that merges Web 2.0 with marketing to more and more people who use Web 2.0. Yet don’t just throw up a blog, call it Web 2.0, and call it a day. The strategy has to be right, the traffic building has to be right…everything has to be right, or it just isn’t effective. It’s like buying media or buying a list that offers only 50% of the audience is your target. If you don’t put the right effort into your blogs and other social media initiatives, you’re missing out just the same.


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