The Complicated World of SEO

Now, I’m not any kind of authority on the technical side of SEO. I know what needs to be done from a marketing perspective, and work with technical experts who manage the actual keystrokes and code-building needed to make SEO work (God bless them, those techno-experts).

Yet much of the time, the technical aspects of SEO and the implications for marketers are worth a good, long look for marketers. Why? Well, for example, you may conjur up a great SEO strategy (like a blog, online video, etc.) that’s too complicated or time-consuming on the backend for your technical team to pull off. And even if it’s not, the technical aspects of SEO are so intertwined with its overall success that, as a marketer, you need to stay aware of at least the basics, and at best become familiar with alot of the backend things that need to happen to make SEO sing.

So, on that note, Google announced a pretty major change in it’s SEO best practices when it said you should not use rewrites to change dynamic URLs to static-looking ones. Now, it’s up to you to figure out how that impacts you (here’s a hint: are you doing redirects for dynamic URLs?). For example, if your website spits out ugly dynamic URLs, and your tech team rewrites them into clean vanity URLs you can put on your printed materials to easily get customers where they need to be, your world may have just changed. How much? You tell me.

And if you don’t know, ask you technical team and start to get familiar with the world of SEO more intricately. As this medium becomes of greater and greater importance to marketers, it’s key for you to understand how to charge ahead and leverage it to your advantage — and understand what needs to be done to make it happen.


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  1. Google isn’t making any policy changes – they are simply telling naive webmasters to think before they act when creating URL re-writes that might harm a page’s indexing process. Google wants to know everything about all pages so that they use that they can squeeze profit from every portion of the web by wrapping adsense around it. Here are my thoughts on the subject:

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