The Complicated World of SEO, Part 3

Still with me on this?

In addition to becoming familiar with the technical aspects of SEO (as described in my earlier two posts), you should hone up on building a basic framework on reporting and analysis of your SEO campaigns. You have to justify what you spend on some level, right?

Now, some of what’s discussed in that Search Insider post is complicated to make happen (translation = unlikely for many of us). Yet, on some level, you need to decide how you’re going to measure ROI of your search campaigns. You need some sort of measurement to justify, even if just for yourself (how unlikely is that?), what you’re spending. Triple the emphasis on it if you need to justify it to management or a boss (much more likely).

Kudos if you’re analyzing at the granular level. Get up to speed on the basic level if you’re not doing any analysis today.


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