Once Again Another Great Option From Google

The marketer’s best friend brings us yet another metric-centric marketing option worth a good, long look.

Last week Google and Bloomberg announced a deal that delivers Google TV ads to Bloomberg TV. Ok, big deal you say. Yes, they’ve already done this with NBC and Dish Network. Yet the interesting thing to emphasize again is that it brings Google’s metric-centric reporting technology (and subsequent ROI expectations) to a new medium.

Google TV ad technology can tell advertisers which ads the audience is watching second by second. The technology uses data from millions of anonymized set-top boxes, Google said. And as with Google’s search ads, for which advertisers pay only when users click, TV ads incur costs based on impressions actually delivered.

TV ads based on actual impressions and not the sheer privilege of owning a spot on some network’s precious airwaves? Now there’s a concept.

Google continues to charge ahead and become more and more of a sensible budget option for marketers. You’d be wise to take note.


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