This Blog Is Like Search Marketing

No, no, not because it gets no respect compared to other flashier blogs that reach the masses.

It’s like search marketing in the sense that at times it builds on others’ efforts and capitalizes on them. As this post from Search Insider points out:

…how could we let things get to a point where competitors are free to swoop in and steal your best customers after you’ve invested so much in them? You can see why so many people hate search’s model and liken it more to hijacking and hostage-taking than good old-fashioned marketing.

Yeah, many of the topics here build on others comment,thoughts and ideas. Hell, much of marketing, as you know, is built on taking a good, long look at data, history and research and figuring out how to build a strategy that works better. And it’s important to have that perspective as you build your understanding and investment in search — know where your competitors position themselves, know what they say about themselves, know where their niches are. And then plant your Google (and other search engine) keywords and SEO efforts in those niches, and steal their customers at the last click when they’re searching for information and in the mood to buy.

So yes, SEM and SEO can complement your own spend in other channels nicely — yet when you’re making them charge ahead and work for you on the other guy’s dime, that’s an even better solution.


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