The Need for Green

No, I’m not talking about money. Of course we all need that.

I’m talking about “going green” with your marketing message. And it’s not just a fad. Many marketers are doing meaningful things not just by greening their messaging, but with actual green actions that provide a meaningful impact to business and the environment. On one end of the spectrum you have Nike, which is actually making sneakers from recylcled trash. Ok, not all of us have the resources to do that grand of an effort. Yet there are plenty of marketers doing small things that make difference internally as well as with customers.

In my own company, and throughout the CME business in general, we print less paper for our events, and put information online or on CDs or on USB drives that attendees can download whenever. For our staff we use metal name tags instead of paper, so they can be reused. There are also a bunch of other little things we do to make a tangible difference in our practices.

Here’s two ideas that can provide a small start for you. Greening isn’t just something you want to do for purely business reasons — it’s something to promote to your customers. Get them involved in it, make them partners in your intiative. It makes a difference in how they perceive your business. What kind of customer wouldn’t love a company that helps take care of the environment? Not one that’s the future of your business, that’s for sure. Anyway, back to the tips:

  • Help your customers learn how to be greener travelers
  • Get smarter about green marketing by taking a good, long look at this green marketing blog
  • Again, that’s a small start — we’ll come back to this topic soon. In the meantime, charge ahead with green. And tell your customers, and get them involved.


    5 Responses

    1. Interesting. I just visited the CME group in Chicago and was appalled by the amount of paper on the floor. I also co-authored a story about their hand signals.

    2. Yes, clearly some companies have a way to go. Do you know which CME company produced the event?

    3. Actually this was the Chicago Board of Trade. it’s really such a waste.

    4. You mention the importance of helping your customers become greener travelers. I would add to that setting an example of cutting down on your company’s own travel (i.e, carbon footprint) by using web conferencing instead of face-to-face meetings out of town. The very nature of web conferencing is eco-friendly, as there is no travel involved, but I’m personally impressed with one web conference provider in particular — iLinc and its Green Meter that actually calculates the energy saving based on where each participant is in the world and how much carbon it would have emitted into the atmosphere if all of these people had traveled to facilitator’s host city. It’s worth a look. They have a free trial you can get at

    5. Thank you for the comment about web conferencing — is certainly a technology that is both eco-friendly and cost effective for businesses. Some aspects of live events can’t be replaced, like pure networking and non-technology product demos, yet in many cases the green benefits outweigh all that.

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