The Power of Well-Placed Marketing

A couple of timely developments heavily influenced the writing of this post.

One is that, against my better judgement, I ignored AT&T’s repeated attempts to lose me as a customer and got an iPhone (turns out the customer-friendliness of Apple trumps the terrible service of AT&T). So I have WordPress on my iPhone, as well as Airplane Mode that let’s me use it on a plane. I can write this post, save a local draft, and publish it when I land and reconnect to the world of 3G. It’s a beautiful thing.

The other inspiration for this post is the ingenuity and timliness of marketing ( and marketERS) that hits me at times when I experience it from the other side of the fence. I’m flying JetBlue right now, and just got handed a sample on the plane. It’s a Dove lotion sample with a coupon included. If you travel alot you know airplane cabins mean stuffy air, or dry air from the air vents blasting. In the cold of winter it’s worse. I tend to travel prepared for that, but sometimes (like today) I’m among those whose lotion is packed in a TSA-compliant plastic bag in my travel bag in the overhead bin. So it’s a clear case of right sample at the right time. That’s the beauty of that tactic.

That simplicity and effectiveness are what our jobs as marketers are all about. For all the times we have to sell ourselves to management, sell our brands to customers, and put so much work into that big idea, sometimes it’s just as simple as doing the right simple thing at the right time. Dove just made it happen in a very simple and metric-measurable way on my flight. There are a few others for sure, like the DirectTV I’m watching and the RockStar enerygy drink I can order — two perfect things for a flight.

Take a minute to rethink how your customers make it through each day, and where your product or service fits perfectly. What do they do, travel on, travel to, watch, eat, read and buy? And where do the opportunities lie for you to hit that sweet spot of the right time and place for your message?


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