The Power of Well-Placed Marketing, Part 2

You may think this is odd, and that’s your right, it’s your opinion. But it fits with what I said in my last post.

I had the opportunity to venture into a correctional facility recently (as a VISITOR, mind you, a VISITOR). And lo and behold, what’s on the wall in the waiting room but an ad for Western Union. It was rather benefit-oriented too, describing how the fees were cheaper compared to other similar services from competitors. There was even a Spanish version of the ad accompanying the English version. I suppose this is a good venue to find folks who need to send money.

See, even in a jailhouse waiting room you can find a captive audience (no applause for the humor, please) of customers. Again, if you know who your target customers are, you can think of where to find them when their attention is meaningful.


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