Little Details

They are many things to marketers.

They are both a reward and a penalty. A necessity and a necessary evil. The best thing ever and the bane of our existence.

However, of all the things those damn little details can be, there’s one thing you don’t want them to be when someone takes a good, long look for them: absent.

Yet, that’s what they were when I received a direct mail piece for a big trade show this week. It was a simple, brand-oriented self-mailer — high on style, great layout, great call-to-action. “If you do this by this date, you get a free pass to this big show.” Yet, in all the shiny art and sexy words, the show dates and location were absent on the piece.

At first I thought it might be by design. But then I realized why would you move on the call-to-action and get a free pass to a show if you don’t even know you could make it? No, it was missing for sure, and by fault, not by design. And it’s easy for customers to notice.

In a prior job, one month we published an issue of a magazine that had a full page ad in it from a major promotion agency. The ad was all white space, except for once sentence of copy, a brand logo, and a URL. The sentence read something like “We Build Your Brands.” Except “Build” was spelled “Buid.” Someone at the agency lost a job over it.

Just goes to show that no matter what level of strategy goes into the concept, an equal level of hands-on attention-to-detail must go into project management and execution before you charge ahead. No matter where you are on your career learning curve, don’t forget that.


2 Responses

  1. You win the business on the BIG Idea. You lose it on the details.
    One letter out of a word cost someone their job. It’s all important!
    Well said!

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