Sometimes It’s All in The Show

It’s been said time and again, in one way or another. Focus on substance, not style.

Yet this is a fact — sometimes, your customers want a good show.

Sometimes style is king. Sometimes it differentiates. Sometimes it appears unneccesary, yet has deep impact.

In tough economic times like now, style is often the first to go in favor of efficiency and economy. And hey, that makes alot of sense. Yet when well-placed, style can win customers in these same tough times. If you watched the video stream of of Apple’s iPod 3G S launch today, you saw alot of style. And you think that won’t make a difference at the point of purchase when it comes out next week? You don’t think people who make less money than last year or have no jobs or have huge debt won’t be laying out cash for an iPhone that isn’t a need but a want? Style is part of the reason they want it.

You have to take a good, long look at substance, because that is most of the value proposition that wins and keeps customers. Yet sometimes you have to charge ahead and add a little style, because that may be the extra kicker that makes the offer, product or brand too enticing to pass up.

There’s a time and a place — it’s up to you to be the filter.


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