Think Your Emails Are Compelling?

They very well may be. But what if they’re never delivered? Your customers never get a good, long look at your message.

A new study from Return Path just came out that shows a little more than 20% of business email doesn’t get delivered. And that’s across all email addresses — when you look at emails sent to just business addresses, the number climbs up to 27%+.

Is this news to you? The study just reinforces what we already knew. A couple of my posts in recent months have talked about email — here’s one that has some thoughts on email volume and relevance, and this one also discusses relevance. B2B also had some good observations recently about reasons to reign in your email volume.

Customer email addresses are too valuable. We spend alot of time acquiring customers, maintaining their data, and meeting their expectations. Don’t let .30 worth of emails, sent in too short a time period, fatigue your lists and ruin all that other work. And ultimately damage your brand.

Charge ahead with that revised email plan.


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