Cascading Questions?

It was a good week wasn’t it? Got alot of work done and accomplished alot, but always alot left to do, right? Looking forward to the weekend?

I started with a few questions because many questions popped up for me today, all day. I read some articles and heard some comments that made me think, and it resulted in a series of cascading questions about marketing, marketers and our jobs. Make sense? No, you say? Then here, let me give you the question that started it all:

  • Why do some marketers totally disregard Twitter?

    I answered that question with a question, which was also an answer…and so on and so on. Enjoy.

  • Do you not want to hear what customers are saying?
  • Isn’t listening to customers part of our jobs as marketers?
  • Hell, isn’t understanding new media channels a big part of our jobs, too?
  • Isn’t there something — anything — we can learn just by listening to customer conversation?
  • Even if you think Twitter is crazy, why wouldn’t you jump in and at least understand what it’s all about, especially if it’s part of your job?
  • Do you disregard other media and tactics without understanding them fully, too?
  • Are you doing your job by doing that?
  • Technology and marketing evolve fast nowadays, aren’t we supposed to learn and evolve along with it?
  • Even if most of Twitter is “pointless babble,” shouldn’t you be able to find a creative way to mix dialogue with tasteful marketing?
  • Would you hire a marketer who doesn’t learn and evolve, stay up-to-date with technology, and get better at their job?
  • If you’re the supervisor of a marketer who doesn’t evolve, why are you employing them?
  • Are you not evolving because your organization doesn’t evolve?
  • Even if that was the case, why wouldn’t you still want to learn and be a better, more marketable marketer?
  • Don’t you want a strong personal Brand Y-O-U?
  • If you’re not on Twitter or other social media where customer conversate, do they notice?
  • Do they wonder why you’re not there?
  • Would you know if they did?
  • What are you going to do about it?

    Charge ahead and answer the last question.

  • What’s Web 2.0?

    How many times has that been uttered by some financial type in a B2B media company?

    Well, probably alot more than at B2B marketers in general. Some really interesting posts in this Forrester article on how B2B marketers use social media. Less than 35% of all B2B marketers use blogs, online video, user-generated content and other tactics commonly labeled as 2.0. Yet, I wonder what the percentage is among B2B media companies — I’m guessing if someone takes a good, long look it’s alot lower.

    Sure, sure, I know — you use webcasts, you have some sites with forums, your editors post blogs. Yet how many of you really use them as marketing tactics? That’s the real opportunity here. If you’re a marketer in a B2B media company, you need to think about how to charge ahead and leverage 2.0 tactics to help you get closer to customers. Will a blog that hits on industry hot buttons give your event a year-round presence (and your customers a year-round voice)? Will podcasts or online video create some buzz and differentiate your properties?

    And more importantly, how will you digest and act on the dialogue? Only then are you leveraging the true value of 2.0 to build valuable customer relationships.