Do Your Customers Ever Take Time Off?

Well, yes, I’m sure they do. But do their opinions and experiences with your brand or products ever take extended time off? Would you know if they did?

That’s the challenge of the online space. If you have a retail store, you have posted hours (and sturdy door locks, not to mention a motion-activated ADT alarm system) and consumers can’t come in at 12:23AM when they have a sudden need to visit your store. Yet online, your site is always there and accessible. Even at 12:23AM. So knowing this, can your messaging ever take a break from being fresh?

Sure, it can for a short time. But a whole summer? I don’t think so. Because then, all of the sudden, someone decides to visit your EventSwag blog while searching for some premium ideas, and during their good, long look notices you haven’t posted new content in weeks. So they start to wonder, are you still in business? Or are you just lazy? Are there no new products in? Or do you just not want me to know about them? Do you not want me to visit this site ever again? What are you hiding? Are you a terrorist?

Love to bust the chops of my friend (or is that on vacation too, now?) over at EventSwag. Yet there is a moral weaved in – your blog is also a touchpoint for customers. If you charge ahead and open its doors, make sure you keep them free of cobwebs.