What’s the Logic Here?

Those eyes glaring at you at the top of the page are those of my beloved Weimaraner, Maxwell. His philosophy on everything – from eating food to chasing a toy to befriending another dog – is to take a good, long look and then charge ahead full steam into whatever his decision is.

Essentially, it’s the two-step philosophy of successful marketing.

Take a good, long look
To develop marketing strategy you need to:

  • Study the data you have, and if you don’t have data, get some
  • Study your customer
  • Ask your customer the right questions
  • Listen to your customer
  • Spend time on good research and planning
  • Develop strong and unique messaging and positioning
  • Ensure your strategy aligns with customer needs
  • Identify measureable marketing and business goals

Then charge ahead
Once your strategy is pointed in the right direction, implement it with flawless and relentless tactical expertise.

  • Attack your tactical plan with energy, make things happen fast
  • Work with passion and guile, out-execute your competitor
  • Engage your customer on a personal level everywhere — in person, in social media, and wherever else
  • Leverage technology for advantages in experience, quality and speed
  • Measure in real-time, and adjust where you have to
  • Never let up until you are where you want to be — in terms of sales, share, career goals and any other metrics that drive your business and personal strategy

That said, this blog highlights current developments in marketing — social media, legislative changes, targeting opportunities, new technology, media options, customer needs, online marketing, and how it all fits in to common sense marketing strategy. It’s for professionals new to marketing, front-line marketers in companies across any vertical markets, and executives who are involved in marketing yet may not be marketers.

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  1. OH….and love your logic. And your dog. One of my team has a Weimaraner….his name is Leo! LATER!

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