Election Over — Obama Is The Guy

Finally! We can have our airwaves and email and phone lines back. No more attack ads, fundraising emails and robo-calls. And congrats to Barack Obama!

More importantly, what can you learn from this election? As I gathered my thoughts to sum it up, I came across a wisdom-filled post from Seth Godin that does just that — sums up exactly what you can learn from what happened during this election. Enjoy.

If nothing else, embrace the power of compelling online content, relevant messaging, and engaging social media. Clearly these things motivated the masses on both a grand scale and grassroots level.


Election Marketing Update

Yes, I know, the posts have waned in the past few days. I’ve invested some time in doing my homework on the issues — I’m in that 5% of Americans who are undecided going into election day.

But that’s neither here nor there. Get a last-minute glimpse at what the campaigns are doing from a marketing standpoint. Actually, while you’re at it, you’ll notice that surely Web 2.0 has become a part of the political scene (and campaign strategy) that will never be impeached.

Beyond learning more about marketing tactics, make sure you’re an informed voter tomorrow, no matter what your party preference or affiliation. Take a good, long look at this list of relevant candidate and political websites from Mashable before you charge ahead to the polls — it provides alot of sources to get you up to speed quickly.

Election ’08 Marketing

Interested in what kind of spin Obama and McCain are using in their latest ads? Interested in some sassy commentary on the spin, the ads and the candidates? Then take a good, long look at the CampaignFreak site from MediaPost.

If nothing else, they have some bondage photos of Jessica Alba (no lie).

This is “Your Brand Here”, and I Approved This Convention

As a marketer, clearly there are risks associated with taking a stance on political issues or candidates.

Yet, could it be that the conventions of both parties are the greatest untapped sponsorship opportunity in the world?!?!?!?

Imagine, tens of thousands of live attendees, and millions on TV, taking a good, long look as your brand logo is subtly injected into the fabric of the event. A passionate and enagged audience, too. It’s product placement on steroids. What if Obama calmly sips from an Evian bottled water during long applause? Or McCain wipes his brow with a Target-logoed towel?

Sure, there are probably a few hurdles to clear in terms of campaign contributions and what not. Yet couldn’t that convention sponsorship money go to charity instead of political coffers? And sure, you’d alienate a large number of potential customers — but you’d also turn the rest into loyal brand zealots! People would be clamoring to drink the same Evian water (or Kool-Aid) that Obama is. Clearing the shelves in certain states, extra inventory in others.

Yeah, probably a little too much of a hot button for many marketers to press. Yet can’t you see a maverick brand or CEO deciding to charge ahead and jump all over this opportunity? “The 2008 Democratic National Convention, brought to you by GoDaddy” or some other brand that wouldn’t shy away from the publicity, both good and bad.

I know, I know…unrealistic. Is it though? With a little lobbying, I’m sure GoDaddy could make it happen (especially if the lobbyist is that Obama Girl).